School Under The Trust

This is the oldest CBSE affiliated school in Ranchi district. The school is affiliated upto classes X& XII to the Central Board for Secondary Education, New Delhi. Under the able guidance & supervision of the principal, Shri S.D. Singh, the school has transcended all barriers & is presently in a position to deliver excellent results year after year in both secondary & higher secondary levels. The following points will give a cleared picture about the school:-

  1. The school is a day school & is also co-educational.
  2. The school has a present student strength of 800 (approx)
  3. With a teacher strength of 20, the teacher-student ratio stands at a reasonably good 1:40.
  4. The success rate of students who have qualified for examinations like IIT-JEE, AIEEE & PMT has      picked up in recent years, with at least 8-10 students successfully clearing the examination      every year.

  5. The school has a very good record in games & sports also. The cricket team of the school has already been a runner-up in the under-16 & a      winner in the under-19 cricket tournament held recently at Ranchi.
  6. The faculty in science technology keeps the students (of classes VIII-XII) updated in various facts of science & technology through practical      demonstrations.
  7. The school has a very good music & dance section in which all possible classical dance forms are taught through experienced teachers.      Students get local exposure through cultural programmes which are shot by local TV channels.
  8. The school organizes excursions in order to provide an opportunity to the students to get in touch with people from other regions & cultures &      thereby broaden their horizons.


This school is one of the oldest schools in Ranchi. The day-to-day functioning of the school is presently being managed by the principal, Sri Anant Kumar Roy, a well- known academician in & around Ranchi. Under his able stewardship, the school has\reached unprecedented heights from a modest beginning. The school is only upto class 10th and every year the excellent results only reiterate the extraordinary efforts being put in by all concerned teachers in producing the desired results which are enough to keep the school ranked among the top 5 day schools in Ranchi. The following points will give a clearer picture about the school:-

  1. The school is a professional & well knit unit with the right person for the right job.
  2. The determination of the teacher to succeed is at par with that of the students resulting in good results year after year.
  3. It has been seen that students passing class X from this school invariably become toppers in +2 schools, where they may take admission after      publication of the class 10th results.
  4. The success rate of students in IIT-JEE, AIEEE & PMT is quite high as compared to other school, which proves that the base of the students is      very strong.
  5. The students of the school are exposed to a liberal dose of extra – curricular activities like quiz, debates and games & sports. The school      football team reached the semi – final of the INCEF Sponsored inter school football league held recently in Ranchi.
  6. The school is a day school with a total strength of 500 (approx) and a healthy teacher-student ratio of 1:25.

3. Hi-Q International Academy Ranchi
This is a fully residential school with a total strength of around 400 students both boys & girls. The objective of the school is to develop and nurture a child so that he/she can easily adopt to the professional career for which he/she is ideally suited. Considered to be the dream child of the founder chairman of the Trust, the Hi.Q. chain of schools have been successful in maintaining high standards of academic excellence and also in developing the real human being inside a person. In maintaining a balance between high academic standards and high success rate in career growth, the management of the Hi.Q. chain of school has achieved the following results:-

  1. Excellent results in the Board examinations for both X & XII (At best 10 students in both X & XII achieve 93% -96% percentage every year)
  2. Proper motherly care by trained wardens & nurses for small children.
  3. Balanced & tasty food to suit every palate.
  4. Yoga, Judo & Karate classes to develop the physical & mental strengths of the students
  5. Horse riding and swimming to develop the competitive spirit among students
  6. Extra coaching by experts to develop the concept of the students in each science subject.
  7. Monitoring of the diet fixed for students by experts so that there is no compromise in term of hygiene and nutrition.
  8. The students are taken on excursion to different places in India so that they can acquaint them selves with the different custom & traditions of      our country.
  9. The school has a good tradition in games & sports, having won the National championships (CBSE Cluster school)-in volleyball in 2004- 05.

4.Siddhartha Public School, Rishipattanam, Chuttupalu, Ranchi

Siddhartha Public School, Chuttupalu is a co-educational, fully residential school, situated on NH-33 linking Ranchi – Bihar & U.P. Being so strategically located, it automatically enjoys an advantage over other similarly placed schools. It is a picturesque campus spread out over an area of 116 acres with academic & administrative blocks spread out in strategic locations inside the campus. The school is managed by an astute administrator & academician, Dr. Seema, and the school has progressed by leaps & bounds to its present strength of over 450 from a very small strength in 2003. In its pursuit of excellence, the school has crossed several milestones:-

  1. It is the only school in this region to have introduced craft training in its curriculum.
  2. It has won the INCEF sponsored Buddha Challenge Cup for football held recently among different school in and around Ranchi.
  3. The management of the school encourages extra curricular activities like Trekking, excursions and industrial visits in order to acquaint the      students with boys & girls of different regions & cultures so that their perspective of life is an interesting mixture of academic & non – academic      activities which are aimed at developing the personalities of the students and strengthening their characters.
  4. The teacher – student ratio is a healthy 1:20, so that more individual care can be taken on each student.
  5. Vocational training has been introduced to develop the concept in each subject.

5. Siddharth Public School, Ramgarh.

The school is the oldest affiliated school in Hazaribagh Dist. It is affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations upto both classes X & XII. By virtue of the nature of its curriculum, the students have to be exposed to a judicious mixture of theoretical and practical inputs which helps in enhancing the conceptual base of students. The administration of the school is in the hands of experts with more than a decade of experience of running affiliated schools. The school would be termed as a “Technical school”, because the emphasis is overwhelmingly on Science & Technology right from classes vi to xii The students are nurtured by providing detailed concepts on each subject supported by Revaluation Tests on every Sunday based on topics taught in the previous two weeks :-

  1. Industrial visits are arranged as monthly internals so that students, particularly those studying in class VIII upwards car get a first hand idea      about how the theoretical input which they are getting in the classroom are achieved in practice Science exhibitions & fests are organized      during sessions and the students are encouraged to develop their own innovative models which are based on well known law & principals of      science which have been studied by them in their classes
  2. There is an alumni of the school, which holds regular meetings every year, where students get a chance to interact with their seniors and learn      about the obstacles which they have had to overcome in order to achieve the success, which they are presently enjoying .
  3. Inter-School sporting events as well as quizzes and debates are held regularly in order to develop the competitive spirit among the children
  4. The success rate in ICSE & ISC is reasonably good with at least 4-5 students appearing in the top 10 in the entire district.

6. Hi-Q International Academy, Dehradoon

This school is located in arguably the most picturesque location of Uttarkhand. Dehradoon which is generally regarded as a hub of top – class residential & day schools,. In addition to enjoying a natural advantage over other Schools Hi-Q Dehradoon is a school which is ably managed by a team of noted expert highly qualified in every respect, who have over the years, managed to bring a turnaround in the school’s overall scenario by inducting teachers, who are highly qualified in their respective fields, and are capable of generating an ideal atmosphere for education & academis by building up a strong academic base. The management of the school has encouraged the following activities for the boarders :-

  1. Undertake excursions & tours for the boarders in order to broaden their vistas of knowledge.
  2. Fests & festivals are held in the campus in order to spread awareness about certain social evils and to spread the message to the population      in & around the school. This encourages a feeding of brotherhood among the students and help them to understand the mentality of the      outside world in a better manner.
  3. All basic amenities required for a proper atmosphere of healthy living, with due importance to nutrition and hygiene are provided in the campus.
  4. The results in the CBSE class x Board examinations have been encouraging over the last few years and there is every reason to expect      excellent results in the years to come.